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we've designed this site with simplicity in our minds. So, if you think something seems too simple, it probably is.

basically, you can do two things here:
write a message, put it in a bottle, and throw it to the ocean, or
pick up any bottle that comes drifting to your shore and read the messages within.

once you fish a bottle and open it, you have three possible actions:
be selfish and keep it for yourself so that it's not available to anybody else any more,
throw it back to the ocean and pretend you never opened it, or
be nice and write a reply of your own and send it back in its infinit journey.

in this last case you can either let the bottle float adrift to end randomly at any beach, or return it directly to its originator, so that the communication is more direct, even though you still don't know when the author will read your reply.

in this way you can also get replies to the bottles you send, and you'll get a notification of this event any time you log in to the site.

you should keep coming back to check for new messages or replies to yours, and to send new ideas or feelings you care to share.

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