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Endles possibilities.

Follow your own path

A Hypernovel has a cover, but it does not have a first page. From the beginning you are allowed to choose, and you can enter the virtual world through any of several doors. From them on you will keep taking decisions at multiple crossroads. Each hyperlink on any page will take you to different, but related places, in an adventurous exploration of your own.

By clicking on a link, or just reading through, you can decide which way you take and what parts you will navigate first. Of course, you can always go back and follow other paths through this unchartered territory. The control is in your hands.

Uninterrupted journey

When you need to leave the virtual realm and go back to the real world, just leave a bookmark so that you can come back to the same spot next time and keep on reading where you stopped.

Leave notes and comments as you go

At any moment you can write sidenotes on the margin of the page for your own reference, or to share ideas and impressions with other bold explorers of the same world. Just click on the side note link and you will be allowed to write a private note that you only will see, or a public one that other readers will be able to read and reply to.

You can also send a comment to the author with suggestions, or questions, and she may reply directly to you, or use your input to modify and extend her creation.

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