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"Spirits from the past", by The Dwarf
The story of a ghost and a time machine. A story of sadistic passion and a haunted house. And the story of the origin of it all.
"The McClaron Chronicles: Hawk", by Troy Clair
Hawk raised and trained to be a Warrior from his youth decides he would rather be a musician, but it's hard to escape your upbringing!

Works in progress

"In the Kingdom of Arkhor", by The Dwarf
An adventure tale of magic and wizardry. A legendary country full of mysteries and surprising races.
"The Scent of Passion", by The Dwarf
The story of a small child born with a dangerous gift that makes him knowledgeable of things unseen.
"Angel on Your Mind", by Helen Hewitt
A young American Woman finds out that she was abducted as a child from her parents and this starts her journey of adventure
A Circle of friends looking for love in all the wrong places. Which one will get married first, with all pushing the dreaded 30's. everyone is afraid of ending up alone. And hell the 40's are around the corner. Join these ladies in there quest for happily ever after.
"A Mystic Land", by Pandora_Robin
A story about five travelers on a journey through a mystical land.
"Torn Between Two Worlds", by Dahlia Carson
A girl, Trohn, is in love with a Chinese man. When an American comes, her love is torn between two worlds. She loves the Chinese man and the American man, until finally, the decision is made by the Chinese government. She then puts herself out of her misery.
"The unforgettable love", by Anonymous
Everyone is eventually going to fall in love. However the risks that come along with this is hard. It takes a true believer in this special feeling to continue on.
"Retail Espionage", by americoma
A seemingly normal retail associate turns out to be a corporate spy.
"The Other Realm", by Annabelle
What happens after life
"Emee", by Anonymous
The story of a young girl and her struggle to cope with the Depression just like everyone else, but this time, she's on her own.
"see what they do", by able dorson
with a watchful gaze and a thoughtful mind this is visual addiction.
"Footsteps of our Shadows", by quattrocento
The Spanish artist Zurbraron is the favourite painter of a timid high school art school teacher who is a virgin well into her twenties. The real Zurbraron has been reincarnated into the body of an artist who owns a shop of "postcolonial" and "import/export" bric a brac at an exotic store called "Zurbraron's." He is a designer and painter as he once was of virgin martyrs. He creates a bed to the specifications of a young man and woman of vast wealth and few morals who are planning on using the bed during one of their notororious orgies at MiamiBeach's "decadent" (of pure white decor) "Delano Hotel." During the orgy, the two die during a mixup with a visitor who poisons them in their bed. Zurbraron is contacted as his name is affixed to this outrageous baroque confection of a bed and the police repossess the bed initially as "evidence" to submit (the murderer still astray). In fact, the two young people have been incarcerated by being made to haunt the owner of the bed. Their hedonism has left them the purgatory of being "sidecars" to the dreams of the dreamer in the Zurbraron "berth" (the bed). The art teacher and Zurbraron's paths cross. The demons/spirits "Ink" and "Suck" coil around the bed like Shakespeare's "mustard seed" and "ariel." They are waiting for a sleeper. Zurbraron went through a lifetime as Henri Fuseli, during this lifetime he became obsessed with beds and Shakespeare and brown tones. During his life as Zurbraron he became obsessed with virgins. Breathless, being pursued by a student on Lincoln Rd. the bell rings on Zurbrarons shop and the art teacher takes a step inside with her bags, she resembles the painting of "Saint Lucy" on the wall. They have (Zubie and Decibelia) an intense conversation over the art of Zurbraron and his identity. Decibilia does not disclose her virginity. Knowing their is some erotic property he concocted for "the berth" Zurbraron hands the bed over to "Deci" and she refuses several times then takes the bed. (How does she pack the bed, how does she unpack it where does she place it at home). Ink and Suck work their magic into Deci's dreams in an attempt at... (some pact or revenge on Zurbraron)...while Zurbraron works furiously to be the man to take the cure of Deci's virginity and be bonded with her...understanding in the process why his themes have chased him across lifetimes with this woman, as she begins to understand what had been her destiny, and what would be possible now. A convoluted labyrinth mindful of "El Sueno" (by Sor Juana Inez de La Cruz) and MORE SO of Calederon de La Barca's "Life is a Dream." Mama's and the Papa's "Dream a Little Dream with Me." Roy Orbison: "In Dreams I walk with you." Eurythmics: "Sweet Dreams were Made of This" Marilyn Manson: "Some of Them Want to Use You...Some of them Want to be Used by You." The Cure: "Walk across the garden in the footsteps of my shadow."
"Foosteps of our Shadows", by Quattrocento
"nothing", by Anonymous
nothing theris no-thing
"Learning at the Door", by lucy
A student of LIFE seeks out various masters to learn to better hone their craft. They realize that their painful shyness has led them to a stronger relationship with the usually locked doors than with the potential teachers. Then one day the doors begin to have their own speech, and the student's nature is disclosed!
"Aventuras de un hobbit", by The Dwarf
Relato corto ambientado en el mundo El Seor de los Anillos.
"A Hypertale", by Ale
A Hypertale is a short story about a girl who ...
"The Long, but short road", by Mode
About a little girl that can never forget how her past and how her father treated their family. She only manages to keep this part of her life subdued, that is until the death of her husband. Guilt from some of her children began to compound until her life become a silent time-bomb and she can no longer hold the past secret any longer. Trouble is none of her acts as though they want to know. Then comes a stranger that is willing to listen and some of her children began attacking her for wanting to get on with her life, since her husband's death.
"Blue Moon Dreams: Crea", by Dymphna O Cannon
The story of an ancient lady with a dream of becoming a druid and meeting more than one soulmate in her lifetime.
"Blade vs. Blood", by Raiff Lor
Raiff, Lord of the assassins guild, Provinces of Thraciar is hired to kill a man who is the leader of a rebel group against the Thraciarn royal family. Simple enough. No. The man is(will turn out to be) Raiff's son, a son he never knew he had..... Does the blade have stronger ties than blood..?
"the ache of life", by Raiff Lor
This is about a woman who since her early childhood has suffered from first chronic then atypical depression. Now in her late teens she reflects on it. What it is like, how she copes, people completely misunderstanding and/or being prejudiced against her because of it, the incompetence of the various members of the mental health system she saw and her ongoing battle.
"...", by Anonymous
"پر", by Anonymous
"Guardians of Elderwood", by Penndragon
Four strangers enter a gateway to a world unlike their own and must work together to save it.
"The Intruder", by Doddy
The heart warming story of a young man who discovers unspoken pleasures at the rough hands of a leather clad motorcyle cop who attends a break in at his house one evening.
"Sack on Sack", by Doddy
When young Billy joins the Army he finds he gets more than a mouthful from his Drill Instructor.
"test 2", by The Dwarf
This is just a temporary test
"test 2", by The Dwarf
This is just a temporary test
"The Legacy of Panthrowzay", by Anonymous
The first of 7 Warriors to wonder of their planets place in the world
"The Neverending Night", by Shadows
"Time Machine: The Complications", by Shadows
We all want a time machine, but there are several complications in the field. This book discusses some of them.
"Properties of Light", by Anonymous
Almost 100 stories or chapters, each a description of a photograph taken by the narrator--a prominent photographer who has given up on it. The "chapters" are not sequential, just hyperlinked. Links include categories such as colors, photo terms, emotions, subjects of the photos, and names of models.
"Hypernova", by Anonymous
"Herman Bos", by Anonymous
Political Novel in the Papiamentu language, placed in contemporary Curacao...
"Hateful Love", by Shadows
The story of a mercinary killer, who falls in love with the girl who was supposed to be his last mission. Will he defy his rules and vows, or will he kill her obeying the tradition?
"Babad Tanah Leluhur II : Nusa Antara", by Kefka
Cerita Babad Tanah Leluhur II ini merupakan sebuah Fans Fiction. Kelanjutan dari cerita yang ditayangkan di Sandiwara Radio Babad Tanah Leluhur.
"Not working anymore", by Shadows
Unfortunately, the site has some problems and is not working properly anymore.

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