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Side notes

You can attach side notes to any page in a Hypernovel. Side notes can be used as a private means to keep personal thoughts or impressions about the text you are reading for future reference. But you can also make side notes public so that any other user can read them and reply to it. This way you can stablish a virtual bolletin board to exchange ideas about a Hypernovel, or even about a given page in it, whose contents you want to refer to specifically. The community of users of a Hypernovel can in this manner interact and share the experience they are enjoying. You don't need to read in isolation any more, you are never alone in your exploration of Hypernovels. You will see what others have thought about the same stories and will be able to share with them your impressions.

To write a side note, just click on the "Attach a side note" link at the top or bottom of any page and express yourself. You'll have the options to make the note private or public, to attach the note to the specific page, or leave it as a comment to the whole Hypernovel, and to show your email and/or URL on the note for others to contact you in private.

Whenever there is a note attached to a page you will see this icon Icon identifying the presence of side notes on a page. Click on it and you'll get the list of notes attached by other users, as well as any private ones you have written. From there you can also reply to any notes to further discuss the topics expressed on them.

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