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With traditional novels, both the author and the reader are limited by the linear nature of language and the printed media. Novels are written and read from beginning to end; after one page, you go to the next. Even when the work includes multiple stories, the reader is guided through them one at a time, in a fixed sequence.

Taking advantage of the possibilities of the Web and the HyperText, Hypernovels allow for the development of a whole set of interrelated stories that interact and criss-cross each other. The author can create, not a story, but a whole world full of characters, places, and events that interact in time and space as they would in the real world. The reader can then, not read, but explore this universe, at his or her own pace, following a unique path freely chosen, and guided by his or her personal preferences and interests. As if each reader were a different visitor to this virtual realm, they will have different experiences and perceptions of it, as they navigate their way through.

Moreover, hypernovels also allow for a more direct and immediate interaction between author and readers. The creator of the fictional world will receive input from his/her readers and may allow these suggestions to guide the ongoing construction of the stories and characters. The readers can also interact among themselves by leaving public sidenotes on the margin of the pages for others to see and discuss. No longer will you read a novel in isolation. If you want to, you will be able to read other people's opinions and contribute your own insights online.

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